MIMA2 Platform

MIMA2 is a Microscopy and Imaging Regional Strategic Platform (INRA OC N°35 CNOC), labeled by RIO in 2003 & 2006.

dedicated to microorganisms as well as live animals,

specialized in confocal & electronic microscopy of class 2 pathogens & commensals (prions, viruses, phages, bacteria, fungi),

specialized in dynamic and non-invasive imaging of pathophysiological processes in model (mice & zebrafish) and farm (trout, rabbit, pig & sheep) species,

open to all INRA scientists, academic and private external users,

offering a variety of methods highly customizable for each project,

offering a broad range of services extending from all-included service to work in autonomy.

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Governance and organization

Scientific managers:

A. Couturier-Tarrade & R. Briandet

Operational manager: V. Costache

One executive committee :

5 managers of equipment

One steering committee :

4 scientific advisors

One User Committee

6.2 full-time equivalent

MIMA2 in figures

Created in 2003 (15 years)

10 microscopes, 17 imaging equipment, 3 data storage units.

More than 300 users, including 40 industrial users (2015-2018)

Training and tutoring actions (5/year)

130 articles (2015-2018)

The MIMA2 platform (Microscopie et Imagerie des Micro-organismes, Animaux et Aliments) combines complementary equipment giving the possibility to perform imaging work from the nanoscopic scale to the whole animal, using live cells/pathogens or previously processed samples, as well as model and even domestic animals.

The platform is localized on the campus of the Jouy en Josas INRA center near Paris. It is open to external users, within the limit of its equipment capacities.

Practical know-how and laboratory space are available for users, including veterinary and surgical competence, sample processing protocols and automated processing equipment. Some of the work (mainly microscopic observations) can also be performed in confined L2 environment. Platform users can work in full autonomy after having trained and providing legal requirements are fulfilled (for animal experimentation) or ask for the platform to perform the analyses. The platform possesses a very large expertise, in particular in monitoring embryo and fetal development in vitro and in vivo, cardiology, non-invasive assessment of body composition in domestic animals, monitoring of infectious processes in animal models, micro-organisms and food matrix.

The microscopic and live imaging equipment of the platform are shared by several INRA research units (UMR 1198 BDR, UMR 1319 MICALIS, UMR 1313 GABI) and are altogether referenced as Outil Collectif N°35 and labeled regionally as a strategic platform. MIMA2 is also identified in the network of Paris-Saclay's university department of life sciences within the innovation domain "life quality, health and food".


The MIMA2 platform offers key resources in light and electron microscopy, as well as in medical imaging. 

Access to the facilities 

MIMA2 platform is supported by "Région Ile-de-France"   


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